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Signs and Banners


Miller Weldmaster T3

The Miller Weldmaster T3 was designed with the smaller business in mind. This efficient hot wedge welder will produce all the seams required for the banner, sign and awning maker.

Desktop welding



Miller Weldmaster 112 Extreme

Designed for the large and wide format printer, the 112 Extreme will weld printed media used by sign companies all over the world with the fastest seaming in the industry. Our dual vacuum and high speed welding system ensures perfect print alignment at a pace that keeps ahead of your printing. Welds PVC and PE fabrics and all the seams to create billboards, banners, signs, building wraps, and truck side advertising.

High speed welding


Miller Weldmaster T-300 Extreme Edge

Designed for banner shops, the T-300 Extreme Edge is built for finishing your signs and banners at the fastest speeds in the industry! Start welding hems, rope and hems, and pole pockets on a Miller T-300 Extreme Edge.

Great for banners




Miller Weldmaster Impulse Extreme

Designed for any size print shop, the Impulse Extreme will weld signs and banners of any size. The Impulse Extreme is able to seam PVC, PE and digital textiles. Available in 3m, 4.5m and 6m lengths

Built for print shops


Miller Weldmaster M-100 Banner

Designed for high production of banners in PVC or PE this custom system will unwind a roll of printed banners, hem and eyelet both sides and cut to length in a fully automatic system. A 6m (18 foot) banner completely finished in less than 1 minute!

High production




Miller Weldmaster T-100 Billboard tape

The T-100 will weld hems, hem & rope and pockets. This machine when equipped with unwinds and rewind stands can manufacture the pre-made pockets required for ALL 30 sheet poster systems.

For billboards


MW M-100 PE 30 Sheet poster system

This turnkey system will finish all four sides of a 10 x 22 and up to 14 x 48 sheet. This system will finish ALL 30 sheet poster systems in less than 2 minutes. This includes the slits required to hang. The larger 14 x 48 boards will finish all four sides in 3 to 4 minutes.

Finishes posters




Miller Weldmaster Double hemmer

The double hemmer machine welds pockets and or hems on two parallel edges in one pass. This machine will set up for ALL 30 sheet poster systems . It will weld 10ft x 22ft as well as 20ft x 60ft

Pockets and hems


Miller Weldmaster Slitter rewind

This machine simply slits large width rolled goods into smaller width rolled goods. Our slitter is versatile it can be used to make the pre-made pockets required for ALL 30 sheet poster systems.

Slits rolls



Solent Texsew Conveyorline

For sewing latex / silicone / pvc keder on textile products. For soft signage. Can also be used for lightweight materials - hemming etc.

Soft signage


Solent Texsew Pro Conveyorline

High performance 1 or 2 needle lockstitch sewing machine for sewing hems and pockets on banners at speeds up to 18 metres per minute. Also sews reinforcement webbing, hook & loop (Velcro) and other finishes. Auto sewing functions for faster production and easier handling. Optional guides are available for sewing keder and beading. Automatic footlift, start and end tacking and thread trimmer maximise efficiency.

High speed


albert hall banner“Solent have been very helpful from day one including samples for testing, arranging demonstrations and installing the machine and training with no problems. The after sales has been great with every question answered”.
David Lilley, Operations Manager, SSDM


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