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Solent Offshore

The Solent Offshore SKZ is the all-rounder, suitable for seaming through to finishing work on most size sails. It’s main features are ease of use, maintenance and reliability. Suitable for medium to heavy work with thread sizes V92 - V138

The all-rounder


Solent 966

The newest innovation by Solent Sewing Machines for the sailmaker - manuafacture and repair most sail designs. Available in two sizes 850 x 225mm and 410 x 225mm. Suitable for light to heavy work with thread sizes V69 - V207

For versatility




Solent Ocean

The revolutionary design of The Solent Ocean XL ensures that the largest sails can be sewn quickly, easily and without damage to the machine. The unique shuttle design, feed motion and extra long needle bar stroke ensures smooth operation whether seaming or sewing the corner patches on the heaviest and largest sails..

Superyacht sails


machinepit.jpg"These machines are not only more reliable, they have also transformed our business..."
Colin McKenzie, Saturn Sails Ltd