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Elvstrom Sails

“Solent listened to what sailmakers needed and produced the right equipment” “People want bigger and bigger sails today and we couldn’t make the sails we make without Solent”

“There is no comparison between Solent’s after sales service and the competition. They are fantastic.”
Martin Lindley, Elvstrom

Horizon Graphics

“We were outsourcing the finishing of our banners until we took the decision to install the Miller Weldmaster T300 3 years ago. In terms of reliability, since then we have had no major problems and made massive financial savings by hemming all our PVC, PE and Mesh banners on the T300. It is easy to operate and once you get to know it, even the largest banners can be handled well.
Declan Kelly, Horizon Graphics


Q. What would you say are the biggest benefits of using Miller Weldmaster machines supplied by Solent?
“Flexibility – the ability to make the product immediately, instead of having to wait up to 10 days for outsourced work.

Also, much better quality. We have sold in excess of 100 sheets this year and had nothing but praise from our customers.

I have not seen a better tarpaulin than we make with the MW”

“It is quick and easy to make things and it could pay for itself within a year!”

“I definitely want to do business again with Solent in the future”
Steve Paffett Allplas.co.uk


SSDM identified a potential new market in supplying easy to change banners for lorry sides. The company had previously relied on outsourcing the banners and was looking to bring the work in-house.

The MW CS112 was purchased from Solent and installed in early 2010 after extensive research to compare Hot Air or Ultrasonic solutions. SSDM chose the MW CS112 solution because they found it to be more cost effective in the long run with a better work rate and also for Health and Safety reasons.

David Lilley says; “It is important to diversify into new markets that have potential to expand and now that we have the CS112 we are looking at several other markets as well”.

“Our investment is on course for a swift payback, adding another string to our bow with new and existing customers, whilst also providing the workforce with more security”.

“Solent have been very helpful from day one including samples for testing, arranging demonstrations and installing the machine and training with no problems. The after sales has been great with every question answered”.
David Lilley, Operations Manager, SSDM

Southern Inflatables

Southern Inflatables manufacture modular portable temporary inflatable structures / shelters / tents, which are designed for a huge variety of tasks including Inflatable Temporary Buildings, Portable Buildings, Permanent Stadiums, Environmental Protection Shelters, Emergency Shelters for Disaster Relief, Air Domes, Storage and Warehousing.

All of this work is heavily dependant on the quality of the sewn seams which stitch the inflatable sections together.

After researching the market and comparing alternative equipment from Brother, Highlead, Juki and Mitsubishi, the company purchased a Seiko LSWN-28BL-3 Industrial sewing machine from Solent and also rely on Solent for their general servicing.

Adrian Weal says “Solent provide an excellent service, always on time, the operators are very good and answer all our questions. Compared with the competition, Solent is second to none, they are always very helpful and it is excellent that we are able to speak with them and discuss our requirements. The Seiko was a good price, is very reliable and we rarely have problems”.
Adrian Weal, Southern Inflatables (UK) Ltd


“We used to outsource kader for our tents and marquees but now we have Solent sewing machines and Miller Weldmaster we produce everything ourselves. It is much more profitable, better quality and much more flexible. The equipment will pay for itself within 2 years.” “It is so good to deal with a family business”
Tectonics, Andy Messenger

Parker and Kay Sailmakers

“As the owner of a successful sail manufacturing facility I know how crucial it is that my machinery and equipment suppliers are first class. It is fair to say that since I met Ian Jenkins from Solent, I've not bought a sewing machine from anywhere else.

Over the years we have purchased both the specially adapted long arm and short arm machines and the long arm equipment in particular has enabled us to be more efficient, sew further into the sail more neatly and deliver a better product all round.

As regards servicing and helping me when the inevitable breakdown occurs, the service I've received from Ian and the Solent team could not be bettered.”
John Parker, Parker & Kay Sailmakers

Hampshire Flag Company

“I have used Solent’s MW and sewing machines for 8 years and they are very simple to use, quick and effective”
“Solent are very knowledgeable people and I am very happy with their service”
Graham Wilkinson, Hampshire Flag Company

Saturn Sails Ltd

“We have been in business for more than 30 years and Ian Jenkins and his team at Solent Sewing & Welding has given us excellent service during the last 20. Not only with annual visits to Scotland but also excellent verbal assistance to keep the needles sewing. We have 8 machines from Solent including specially adapted long arm versions for the heavier work. These machines are not only more reliable, they have also transformed our business as we are now doing heavier work up to 100ft boats whereas we could previously only work on an average of 32ft. Many thanks for your assistance.”   
Colin McKenzie, Saturn Sails ltd

Printdesigns Ltd

“We bought the Miller Weldmaster T3 from Solent a few months ago and we are very pleased with the big difference it is making to our banners. Our clients comment on the quality of the welding and it sets our banners apart from the other store banners.
 It is fast and easy to use and other staff can use it without any problems.

As for the green handheld welder we used to use . . . less said the better.”   
Charlotte Thompson, Printdesigns Limited

OTW Imaging Limited

“We have had our Solent / Miller Weldmaster T300 Edge for a few months and ‘It does what it says on the tin’. All our smaller banners are one man operations now and we recently welded a 30m x 3m banner– saving us a lot of time and money. We’ve had no problems with the machine itself and our operators are progressing nicely from hems to pockets and joins. At current usage the machine will have paid for itself within a year.”  
Darren Marsh, OTW Imaging Limited