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  • Seiko LSWNH-8BL-3 (1 needle machine)
  • Servo motor
  • Stand with casters
  • Table top with drawer
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Product Description

1 / 2 needle, Long and high arm, industrial, high speed, walking foot and needle feed sewing machine. Suitable for medium - heavy weight materials, covers, upholstery, leather work, horse rugs etc.

-max. stitch length 10mm

-max. speed 2,800spm / 2600spm (depends on materials sewn)

-needle system 135x17 sizes 110 - 140

-clearance under presser foot max. 16mm / 13mm by knee or pneumatics, 8.5mm by hand

-underarm clearance 500 x 147mm

Complete on stand with servo motor.

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