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Solent Texsew Pro Conveyorline

  • Solent Texsew Pro Conveyorline
  • Durkopp Adler 827 sewing head
  • Special grip top covering on conveyor to handle all material types
  • Sewing latex / silicone strip with 1 needle
  • Apply silicone or Latex keder edging
  • Sewing Velcro / webbing or other tapes and reinforcements
  • Apply reinforcements and Velcro - can be done at the same time as hemming the material
  • Hemming with 1 needle sewing machine (additional guide required)
  • Hemming with 2 needle sewing machine (additional guide required)
  • Hem PVC
  • Hem textiles
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Product Description

Solent Texsew Pro Conveyorline:

For high speed, pucker-free seaming of all sewn digital print finishing.

Single or twin needle sewing operations with fast changeover.

Reduced material handling makes it simple to use for all operators with minimum training required.


  • Silicone / latex keder edge for frame system (Silicone Edge Graphcs SEG)
  • Velcro 
  • Webbing and reinforcement tape 
  • Hemming of all dye-sub fabrics 
  • Hemming of PVC / PE banners with option of puller feed 


  • Durkopp Adler 827 sewing machine (German quality - made in EU)
  • Conveyor synchronised with sewing speed which moves in both directions for easy handling of heavy or large fabrics 
  • Fast changeover system for sewing guides  
    •   Silicone / Latex edging guide (SEG) 
    •   Velcro / Webbing / Tape guide  
    •   Hemming guide  Fully automatic sewing functions synchronised with conveyor  
    •   Automatic start and end tacking  
    •   Automatic thread trimming  
    •   Automatic footlifting 
    •   Material edge detection - to automatically activate functions (back tack, tape cutter etc)
  • LED sewing light 
  • Slack feed device with roll holder for feeding Velcro, webbing and tapes 
  • Slack feed device with roll holder for Silicone / Latex keder edging (SEG)
  • Nearly oil-free sewing head with minimum maintenance 
  • Control panel for machine and conveyor functions 
  • Second pedal for conveyor return 
  • Emergency stop 
  • Standing height tables (or seated if preferred - request on order)
  • Mounted on castors for easy movement around shop floor 
  • Special Solent system to allow sewing machines of different types to be linked with the conveyor with easy change over. 
  • Machines can be used independently without the conveyor 
  • Rubber Grip Top Fabric (black) 



  • Latex / Silicone auto cutter (SEG)
  • Puller feed for superior feeding of heavy fabrics and PVC 
  • Bobbin thread monitor to alert operator of bobbin thread nearing end 

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