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I4500N Indexing Narrow Reinforcements

  • Miller Weldmaster I4500N
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Product Description

The I4500N model is made for welding your webbings up to 50mm (2in). Built to be the most versatile curtain and cover producing solution available. This recipe driven curtain producer will enable your operator to easily finish your vertical webbing and vertical seams effortlessly.

After the fabric is placed on the automatically driven table, the welding head will advance to the start position and finish all of the vertical webbings hands free. All webbing are pre-fed, pre-cut, and precisely positioned with no measuring.

Speed, versatility, precision and labor reduction... the model I4500N.

  • Throat capacity available in 4.5M (14.76ft)
  • Independent Quad heat system
  • Automatic rotary webbing cutter
  • Miller Weldmaster PLC Smart Screen
  • Custom indexing clamp system
  • Webbing width capacity up to 50mm (2in)
  • High speed hot air welding technology

Type I4500N


Voltage 80 Amps - Three Phases - 400volts (44 KVA)


Air Requirement 5 CFM / 100PSI

Throat Capacity 4.5M (14.76ft)

Standard Seam Weld Width 12mm – 50mm (.5in – 2in)

Standard webbing width 12mm – 50mm (.5in – 2in)

Welding speed Up to 10M/min (32ft/m)*


Weldable materials Woven Polypropylene, Woven Polyethylene, PVC laminated fabrics, PVC coated fabrics, Polyurethane coated fabrics, Polypropylene fabrics, and others

*Depending on the application, the seam width and the type of material used.


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