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  • Miller Weldmaster Impulse Extreme
  • Miller Weldmaster Impulse Extreme close-up of controls

Product Description

For overlap joins, hems and pockets on PVC, PE, acrylic and digital textiles

Incorporating effective thermo impulse sealing technology with precision controlled welding parameters that will create the best looking and strongest seams. The material will tear before the weld does!

The Impulse Extreme is ergonomically designed for easy use and 1 person operation to improve efficiency.

This simplistic design applies pressure to the seam area, pulses heat to the seam area through out the heating element, holds the seam area under pressure while allowing the seam area to cool through a liquid cooled process, and releases allowing the operator to move to the next seam area.

Operation is made simple with the front fabric trough, rear table and alignment guides and the user-friendly touch screen allows settings to be stored for your most commonly used fabrics.

Ideal for sign, awning, tent and shade products using PVC, PE, acrylic and many other digital textiles. 

Even traditionally non-weldable fabrics can be processed using strong heat activated tape.

The semi-automatic pocket option is fitted to this model. The video below shows the automatic version in operation. The difference being that the semi-automatic version does not have the crank on the end of the machine. The guide bar is moved manually to the correct position and the pocket trough does not change depth. This means that the material will not always be in the correct position to start welding, the operator may need to move the material to the correct position under the bar for welding.

Power requirements 220 - 240V, 1 phase, 40 Amps. Air requirements 5 cfm at 120 psi (140l / min at 8.2 bar).

Solent have demonstration machines which enables us to offer weld samples, material testing and demonstrations so that you can be sure the machine suits your purpose as well as your budget. We are also able to visit your premises to advise on solutions to your welding requirements. Please contact us to arrange a visit to us or for us to come to you.

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Product Videos

Impulse Welds with Impulse Extreme 3.0 | Miller Weldmaster (04:23)
http://www.weldmaster.com/impulse-welding The Impulse Extreme 3.0 impulse welds by applying pressure to the seam area by two impulse-heating bars. Heat is created by pulsing energy through the heating element in the top and bottom bars for the duration of the weld. After a set weld time is completed, liquid is flushed through the impulse welder bars to allow a cool down cycle, helping eliminate wrinkles.
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    http://www.weldmaster.com/impulse-welding The Impulse Extreme ...