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  • Miller Weldmaster T600 Extreme Flex with flat bed arm and inboard puller system
  • Miller Weldmaster T600 Extreme with swing arm in UP position
  • Miller Weldmaster T600 Extreme with swing arm in DOWN position
  • Miller Weldmaster T600 Extreme with straight arm

Product Description

The T-600 flex is packaged for the customer who makes a wide variety of different products.

Available with hot air, hot wedge or both heat systems, this machine is ready to help you make any product you want.

All you will need to do is add a couple guides. Machine comes standard with overlap and hem guide.

  • The long arm of the machine allows for easy material handling.
  • Programmable PLC allows you to keep welding perimeters for different materials and seal types.
  • T600 flex comes with a standard hem and overlap guide, other guides available according to the customer’s needs.
  • T600 is already wired so you can use either the hot air or the hot wedge heat system

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