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  • Seiko SKZ-6B
  • Servo motor with needle positioning
  • Stand with casters
  • Table top with drawer
  • ZZ1000-602 gearbox for interchangeable zigzag and 3 step (6 point) sewing - easy changeover by lever
  • Puller feed GB100/PL50 and ZZ1000 shown on SKZ-650 mkII long arm machine
  • Narrow foot with adapter, plate and feed for lightweight sails

Product Description

SEIKO SKZ-6B Made in Japan by Seiko, this machine is ideal for sewing medium to heavy sails with needle sizes 120 - 200, using thread sizes V92 and V138 and capable of processing materials up to 10mm thick. It is also used for leather work and other technical textiles where a heavy duty machine and wide zigzag is required.The Seiko SKZ-6B has the following features:

  • Extra large capacity hook
  • High speeds up to 1000spm *
  • Underarm clearance 250 x 190mm
  • Needle type 7x23 sizes 120 - 200
  • Stand on castors, table top and electronic servo motor with needle positioning

 Options for:

  • Extra high footlift with pneumatic pressure adjustable by regulator
  • Automatic footlift with pneumatic pressure adjustable by regulator
  • Reverse by push button for start and end tacking
  • Puller feed - GB100/PL50
  • ZZ1000-602, gearbox for interchangeable 3 step and zigzag, by lever

Optional set - narrow foot, needle plate and feed dog for sewing light sails, seaming with thread sizes V69 and V92 with and needle sizes 140 to 160.

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