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  • Solent Coastal-250 - standard and high arm medium weight sail making machine shown with optional ZZ1000-602 gearbox and puller feed
  • Solent ZZ1000-602 gearbox for easy changeover from 3 step to zigzag
  • Solent puller feed

Product Description

SOLENT SL Made in the UK by Solent, this machine is ideal for sewing medium weight sails with needle sizes 130 - 180, using thread sizes V92 and V138 and capable of processing materials up to 8mm thick.. The Solent SL has the following features:

  • Max. stitch width 12mm
  • Extra large capacity hook
  • High speeds up to 700spm *
  • Standard and high underarm clearance 250 x 190mm
  • Needle type 7x23 sizes 140 - 180
  • Manual footlift 15mm by foot pedal
  • Reverse by lever
  • Stand on castors, table top and electronic HoHsing MJ-1-00-220 motor with needle positioning

* depends on materials sewn


  • Solent ZZ1000-602 gearbox for easy changeover from 3 step and zigzag
  • Puller feed, rubber roller type with manual lift

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