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  • Solent Ocean XXLH
  • Easy stitch changeover by lever from zigzag to 3 step (6 point)
  • Easily sews many layers of sailcloth
  • 30mm of webbing
  • Corner patch of a superyacht sail 26mm
  • NEW Solent GB100/PL50x100 puller feed
  • Sewing through 1 inch of plywood
  • Stitches on plywood
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Product Description

Solent Ocean XXLH Long and high arm 1100 x 450mm with integrated 3 step and zigzag gearbox for instant stitch width selection, unique lateral shuttle position for constant timing position and reduced needle breakage, unique 4 motion feed cam to accommodate extra thick material sewing in forward and reverse

  • Large shuttle
  • 66mm needle bar rise
  • 32mm footlift
  • 12mm stitch width
  • 10mm stitch length
  • Dual Needle system 794 (7x3) sizes 130- 200 and system 1000 sizes 230 - 280 
  • Thread sizes V69, V92, V138, V207
  • Max. sewing speed 500spm *
  • Pneumatic footlift and pressure
  • Pneumatic reverse by pushbutton
  • Needle cooler
  • Hook lubrication
  • NEW Heavy duty puller feed GB100/PL50x100 with 100mm lift
  • DCR driven counter roller
  • Custom heavy duty steel stand and Efka DC motor


* depends on materials sewn

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Product Videos

Solent Ocean XXLH sewing plywood (02:57)
Solent Ocean XXLH sewing 24mm (almost 1") of plywood. Biggest, Strongest, Best sail sewing machine in the world! See more information on our website www.solentsew.co.uk
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    Solent Ocean XXLH sewing 24mm (almost 1") of plywood. Biggest,...