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  • Solent Offshore 650x190mm
  • Solent Offshore-HA 650x250mm
  • Solent ZZ1000-602 for easy interchangeable 3 step and zigzag sewing. Simply move the lever across to select the desired stitch type.
  • Solent PL50 puller feed and counter roller (shown without belt guard), Solent ZZ1000-602 gearbox.
  • Solent Intelli-Tension option
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Usually from stock but currently approx. 8 weeks. Prices exclude export packing.

Product Description

SOLENT Offshore is the all round sailmaking machine is a simple and proven construction for high production and long life. Made in the UK by Solent, this machine is ideal for sewing medium to heavy sails with needle sizes 140 - 200, using thread sizes V92 and V138 and capable of processing materials up to 10mm thick. The Solent Offshore has the following features:

  • Max. stitch width 12mm
  • Extra large capacity hook
  • High speeds up to 700spm *
  • Long and high underarm clearance 650 x 190mm
  • Easy change 3 step and zigzag with lever
  • Needle type 7x23 sizes 140 - 200
  • Extra high footlift 20mm 
  • Automatic footlift with pneumatic pressure adjustable by regulator
  • Reverse by push button for start and end tacking
  • Needle cooler
  • Stand on castors, table top and Efka DC1550 electronic motor with needle positioning (or custom built stand with PPembossed table top)

* depends on materials sewn

Also available with higher arm 650x25mm

SOLENT Offshore-2 additional features (can not be retro-fitted):

  • Easy adjustable stitch length lever
  • Double bobbin case finger
  • Adjustable base retainer
  • Pushbutton electronic handwheel to turn machine by hand 
  • Max. sewing speed 1,000spm *


  • SOLENT SM210/PL50x100, heavy duty, electronic puller feed, synchronised with machine, pulls in forward and reverse, high lift 100mm with free rolling counter-roller
  • SOLENT GB100/PL50 heavy duty gearbox driven puller feed, synchronised with machine, high lift 50mm with free-rolling counter-roller
  • SOLENT electronic driven counter-roller, 60mm wide -  can be fitted with GB100/PL50 or SM210/PL50x100


  • SOLENT Intelli-Tension : an electro-pneumatic device using position signals from the motor to release the tension at programmed positions in the stitch cycle
    • puts tension on the thread only when required
    • reduces needle breakage and machine damage on big material thickness by reducing needle deflection
    • greater tension can be applied to the thread improving the tension and stitch appearance, especially on large and heavy sails

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