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Solent FD-1000 Ducting Combination

  • Solent 869-1000
  • Table top and drawer
  • Efka DC1550 motor
  • Efka AB321 control

Product Description

Solent Flexible Ducting Machine for the high speed production of continuous flexible ducting. With the facility to remove tape and wire from foot to join tube sections together and create flexible ducting up to 1500mm diameter with continuous spring wire.

Solent 869-1000:

-long arm 1000mm (approx. 970mm useable length)

-Rotary arm synchronised by stepper motor with the machine feed motion in forward and reverse, diameter 85mm

-Puller feed, intermittent, driven by stepper motor and synchronised with the machine feed motion in forward and reverse, modified for flexible ducting and steel wire

-Large rotary hooks

-Underbed thread trimmer

-Auto. footlift and backtack

-Max. stich length 9mm

-Max. speed 2,800spm (depends on materials sewn)

-Needle system 134-35 sizes 90 - 180

-Needle distance standard 12mm (other sizes and single needle versions available on request)

-Special feet for sewing steel wire

-Head mounted wire guide

-Adjustable pointer guide for maintaining wire pitch

-Special extension end cap for tube support

Complete on special free-arm stand, extra height adjustable with hydraullic lift to accomodate ducting diameters up to 1500mm with platform for operator to stand at the correct working height

-Efka DC motor and control, synchronised with the stepper motors


Tape stand:

-Floor mounted

-Independent frame with tape roll holder and spring brake

-Guides to sewing feet


Rotary wire pay-off stand:

-Heavy duty rotating platform with bearings

-Floor mounted


Ducting take-off stand:

-2 sets of parallel rollers length, adjustable width

-Length to suit customer requirement

-1 height adjustable feed-in stand

-Driven with 2 electronic stepper motors synchronised with the sewing speed


VIDEO - please note this video shows only the sewing machine sewing wire rings on filter tubes. This is the same machine used in the flexible ducting system.

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Product Videos

Solent 869-1000 with rotating arm (01:56)
Solent 869-100 with rotating arm for filter tube production. See more info here http://www.solentsew.co.uk/products/Solent-869%252d1000.html
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    Solent 869-100 with rotating arm for filter tube production. S...