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  • Boeshield T-9 1oz / 29ml
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Product Description

Boeshield T-9 waterproof lubricant, rust & corrosion protection 1oz (29ml) liquid

Unlike other Corrosion Inhibitors & Lubricants, Boeshield T-9* was developed by ‘The Boeing Companies Material Technology Laboratories’ in order to meet the stringent applications required in the Aerospace Industry.  Boeshield T-9 is effective because of its excellent Water Displacement, Penetration & Protective Film Development.

Whether your application is Aviation, Automotive, Marine or Industrial, Boeshield T-9 is specifically formulated to meet your needs.

Lack of corrosion is a very important factor in prolonging the service life of airplanes. 
A significant advance in corrosion-inhibiting compounds has been made by the Boeing Company and is now being brought to you for the very first time in The Netherlands, by BST9 Products

Boeshield T-9* was developed by The Boeing Co. for long-term protection of aircraft.
Their research proved that none of the teflon, silicone, or synthetic sprays held up for long when exposed to a corrosive environment.  

Developed by Boeing's Material Technology Laboratories, Boeshield T-9* is effective because of it's excellent water displacement, penetration and protective film development.  The resulting coating will outlast competitive treatments and exhibits excellent results in salt spray exposure, "EXCO" immersion, and di-electric current tests.  Boeshield T-9* also meets all flammability requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation 25-32 after the solvents have evaporated, and is effective from -40 degrees to 250 degrees F.

Boeshield T-9* has a mineral spirit base and can easily be sprayed with a variety of equipment.  All that is necessary is enough pressure and nozzle size to form a mist.  Once on the surface, Boeshield T-9* has excellent penetrating and moisture displacing properties.  Using capillary action it will cut through and stop existing corrosion. 

Boeshield T-9* also is non-conductive and will not cause short circuits in electrical systems.  However, care must be taken to keep away from areas where point contact is required, such as keypads on electronics.

As mentioned previously, Boeshield T-9* has a mineral spirit base and contains no harsh solvents such as MEK or Trichlor Ethylene.  Therefore, it is safe to use around most paints, plastics, rubber, vinyls, wiring, and many glues.

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