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Tony H-142-PS

  • Tony H-142-PS
  • Longer arm available Tony H-142-LPS
£2,918.40 (inc UK VAT) £2,432.00 (exc UK VAT)
Approximate delivery time 6 weeks from receipt of order and deposit payment

Product Description

Industrial blindstitch machine for sewing Neoprene and similar materials for wet suits, dry suits etc.

- 2 needles

- blindstitch

- puller feed

- arm length 180mm (longer arm available 360mm)

- material thicknesses 2 - 7mm

- stitch length 3 - 8mm

- needle type LWx6T #16 / 100

- max. speed 2,500rpm (depends on materials sewn)

- presser foot lift height max. 12mm

- no skip 1:1

Complete on stand with electronic motor

Power 220 / 230V 1 phase

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